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Brass Plaques Australia delivers plaques Australia wide. We manufacture plaques from Brass, Acrylic & Stainless Steel, depending on your budget, application and taste. Brass Plaques Australia produce quality plaques on time & on budget! We do everything from memorial to corporate openings to anniversaries. We can add logos, graphics and images to your unique memory.

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Stainless Steel Plaques

As much as we love the classic and traditional look of a fine brass plaque, if you want something to prevail against the harshest of conditions, 316 Stainless Steel is king!  Any external plaque being located near the coast (or other humid, tropical location) needs to be 316 Stainless Steel...

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Brass Plaques

Engraved brass plaques are instantly recognised by their classic gold finish and rich black infill. These have traditionally been used for building opening plaques, doctor's plaques, business name plaques as well as grave/tomb stone plaques.

While not the best product for total exposure to the weather, we give our plaques the best protection available by sealing them with multiple coats of a U.V. stabilised lacquer. This is then followed up with a proprietary oven bake/curing process. If your plaque is to be placed in full weather, or close to the ocean, we highly recommend 316 Stainless Steel.

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